Developing and Educating Presenters to Train for Humanity

DEPTH is a group of like-minded partners focused on improving and enhancing the experience of speaking - as a speaker, as a company looking for subject matter experts, or as a keynote contributor looking to get more exposure and opportunities.

The DEPTH team is passionate about representing YOU - your passion for sharing your message in the right way, connecting the audience and the topic in the way you'd like to engage.

Our Focus

Development and Delivery
Subject-Matter Experts
Speaker Representation

The idea for DEPTH began with starting our own speaker's bureau, but treating it differently. Rather than simply pair a speaker with a venue, we would be much more hands on in the process. Not only would we negotiate contracts and advocate for the speaker, but also help train them in any areas they were weak in as well as handling their administrative pieces like creating promotional videos and handouts for them.

As we grew our team of subject matter experts, we began to notice that the realm of public speaking was far outdated. Speaker bureaus are simply a "middle-man" for placing speakers into venues, without much knowledge into what the speaker offers and what the organization is looking for. We knew this needed a complete overhaul. When we went looking for speaker advocates, the playing field suddenly looked bare. There is a need all across the country for companies providing the services we do, yet very few are providing these resources. DEPTH now found its place to set up camp.

Today, DEPTH is primed to be your one-stop shop for all your speaking needs. No matter if you are just trying to get better at speaking to gain more clients for your business or are ready to undertake keynote presentations in front of thousands, we are ready for you. It's time to share your knowledge with the world and let them hear your story - it's time to join DEPTH.

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