We are your A-Team

We are industry influencers, storytellers, workshop developers, branders, marketers, husbands, wives, mothers, fathers and extremely driven to tap the potential of everyone we encounter.

Lauri Erickson/Founder

Speaker Coordination


Lauri is one of the Founders of DEPTH Speaking and the day to day driver of growth in the company and our speakers. She is a strong advocate of building outstanding communities and is driven to help public speakers reach their potential, both in the number of events and the Compensation that comes from their talent. Lauri is a skilled negotiator and has a track record of increasing the compensation for the speakers she works with. She is well connected in the speaker community and has connections in writing, editing, and publishing to help further the careers of our really dynanmic group of public speakers.

Brian Wagner/Co-founder Business Development


Brian has spent the better part of the last 30 years as a corporate executive in the packaging industry. He has global connections and is not afraid of the big stage. As a seasoned keynote presenter, Brian helps DEPTH get an inside look into the mind of a fantastic speaker. He is extremely well connected and exudes passion in every speech he gives. Brian has a deep-seeded desire for giving back to the community as evidenced by his involvement in numerous non-profit organizations, including founding the Ark Angel Network.

Tracy Bullock/Co-Founder

Training Facilitation


Tracy is no stranger to the corporate world. She has more than two decades of experience working in companies like Proctor and Gamble as well as others. The opportunities she has received from the corporate positions she has held over the years has given her the opportunity to keynote in front of thousands of people, all across the globe. She is electric when that spotlight shines on the stage, and makes audience members feel like she is talking directly to them. Tracy is fueled through helping other speakers achieve their goals and she leads all of the DEPTH workshops and training.

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