Mike Iben

-Financial Analysis, Strategic Planning, Sales Management-

Mike lben, President of lben Thinking, is a business adviser with over 25 years of leadership experience. Most recently, he led the successful turnaround of a $40 million per year company, as its CEO and Co-Owner. Currently, through his company, Iben Thinking, Mike is working with companies to successfully improve their Operational Excellence. He provides training programs and advises management on continual progress of their key focuses and initiatives. Since receiving his bachelor's degree in Transportation and Logistics from Iowa State University, Mike has spent most of his career within the transportation industry where operational efficiency and margin control are critical to business success. Mike can provide training and guidance in areas such as: Financial analysis, strategic planning, sales management and employee recruitment and retention.

Yaffi Lvova

-Childhood Nutrition, Healthy Food Relationships, Overcoming Nutrition Obstacles-

Yaffi Lvova, RDN is an experienced Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and a proud mom of twins plus one. She created Toddler Test Kitchen as a way to introduce children to unfamiliar foods in a safe way-a way that builds confidence and self-reliance, while spending quality time with parents. As the owner of Baby Bloom Nutrition, she works with pregnant women and new parents to increase their nutritional confidence and help smooth the transition into parenthood. Yaffi's live Facebook show, Nap Time Nutrition, covers nutrition and parenthood obstacles every Tuesday at 1:15 AZ (4:15pm EDT, 3:15pm EST). Her extensive video archive can be found at naptimenutrition.com. Yaffi is available for public speaking and workshops, both virtual and in person.

Andrew Saenz

-Fitness, Nutrition Programs, Successful Wellness Programs-

Andrew Saenz is a husband, father, and business owner. He started his company with a simple mission; to improve and enhance the quality of life through fitness and nutrition programs. Drew works with companies small and large to impact their bottom line though action-based fitness and nutrition programming. Drew motivates people and inspires them to think preventatively about rising health care issues and costs. His workshops promote initiatives, execute custom developed programs, implement accountability, and educate your team to improve on their health. By increasing engagement, he improves the success rates for current wellness programs.

Brigitte Shreiner

-Brand Building, Monetizing Ideas, Successful Marketing-

Brigitte Shreiner, Founder of SIKOTAH Consulting LLC, has an impressive record for disrupting business norms and implementing innovative plans, initiatives and programs that grow businesses. She leverages 25 years of CPG sales and marketing experience to speak about the latest insights and go to market business strategies. She helps "disruptors" identify their niche and assists companies in scaling to the next level. Her analysis of sales, business management, product packaging and marketing provides valuable insight into how to build powerful, relevant brands that bond consumers and build strategic business partnerships with retailers.

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